• Air gun triiger with bag and bracket Air gun trigger close up

    Air gun trigger adapter

    63.95$ not inc. tax
    The Air Gun Trigger Adapter kit is used for guns that do not discharge sufficient muzzle blast to trigger the radar. This adapter should only be used on Air Guns, Rimfire cartridges that have little or no muzzle blast and some suppressors
    • Microphone designed with special circuitry to work exclusively with Labradar.
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Bracket to attach to the side of Labradar putting the microphone at the proper offset.
    • Carrying Bag.
  • Labradar archery accessories Archery trigger mount side view

    Archery trigger adapter

    63.95$ not inc. tax
    The Archery Trigger Adapter is used for most bows and crossbows since they do not have the required muzzle blast to trigger the radar. The adapter can be mounted to the riser, stabilizer, or the limb on most bows. The adapter can also be mounted on the stock on crossbows.
    • Microphone designed with special circuitry to work exclusively with Labradar.
    • Non marring universal clamp with embeded microphone with 3 ft cable.
    • 6 ft microphone extention cable.
    • Carrying Bag.
    • Adapter opens to 1.75 inches.
  • Bench mount for Labradar (Top View) Labradar bench mount

    Bench Mount for Labradar

    62.00$ not inc. tax
    This heavy gauge metal plate features a universal ball mount with a removable plate that allows it to stay on your Labradar for quick attachment to the base plate. The Bench Mount allows for virtually any alignment of Labradar. It is especially useful when shooting from a prone position or from a  bench top when space is not available for a full-size tripod or cannot be positioned close enough to the weapon muzzle. The plate measures 12 x 12 inches and is orange in color with rubber feet.
  • Labradar Patch (Velcro)

    9.99$ not inc. tax
    Labradar velcro patch for suitcases, bags, etc... Dimensions: Length: 10cm Width: 3cm Height; 0.3cm
  • Mini Tripod for Labradar

    54.99$ not inc. tax
    Specs: All purpose mount with removable plate. Height adjust from 7 - 18 inches Base adjust from 8 - 24 inches Weight: 1.4 lbs Max Load: 6 lbs Thread: 1/4 x 20
  • Carrying case for Labradar (Open) Personal Radar Carrying Case with pocket

    Padded carry case

    62.00$ not inc. tax
    This customized padded case is constructed of 600 Denier fabric with a waterproof backing. It includes 2 full-length zippers with pull tabs, padded sides, and webbed handles. There is an exterior large bellow pocket for storage of accessories that has a velcro closure and an interior pocket for storage of the user's manual. There are two Velcro straps on the back side of the case to strap the Bench Mount plate to the case. A shoulder strap is included.
  • Carte SD pour le Labradar Carte SD pour le Labradar

    SD Card – 16 GB

    15.99$ not inc. tax
    Kingston Standard SDHC, Memory Card 16GB.  This is enough memory to hold thousands of shots.
  • Tripod for Labradar

    64.99$ not inc. tax
    Tripod WF-6662A Length: 12cm Width: 12cm Height: 56cm Weight: 1.8kg Minimum Height: 86cm Maximum Height: 162cm