Article 1. General Conditions of Sale

  1. Parties. This contract is between Art, Science and Technology Infinition inc., a company that also conducts business under the names ARTS, SCIENCES ET TECHNOLOGIES INFINITION INC., INFINITION, LE PRO DES ACCESSOIRES DE TIR, LE PRO DU TIR et PRO SHOOTING SUPPLIES (hereinafter the« Company »), having its registered office at 2965, des Prairies, Trois-Rivieres, QC, G8V 1W4, Canada; and YOU have previously registered on the online transactional platform (hereinafter referred to as the “Customer” and the “Platform”, respectively), whose contact information is which you have entered in the registration form and that appears in the confirmation email for your order (“Order Summary”).
  1. Contact information. The contact information of the Company is as follows: the telephone number is: 819-693-6787
    the fax number is: 819-371-0340
    the email address is:
  2. Object. By this Online Sales Contract (hereinafter the « Agreement »), the Customer purchases the products detailed in the Order
  3. Counterpart. The cost of the sale is as shown in the Order Summary and is payable upon the formation of this Agreement. For the purpose of this payment, you will be redirected towards the external transactional platform Net. You will be subject to the terms and conditions of this external transactional platform as stated on the following website: <>.
  4. Date. The Agreement is formed on the date and at the time we send you the Order Summary and this Agreement to the email address you provided upon your registration to the Platform. This confirmation email will also mention the time and place of receipt of your order.
  5. Shipping Fee. The fees for the shipping and handling of your order, if any, are as set out in the Order Summary (including applicable taxes) and no other fees will be charged.
  6. Credit Card. To purchase products displayed on the Company’s website, the Customer must enter certain information at specific times, including without limitation, the information on the credit card used to pay the order and the related billing. By providing this information, the Customer warrants that it is both accurate and up-to-date. By making a purchase, the Customer confirms his or her agreement to pay all of the costs incurred by him or her or the users of the credit
  7. Restrictions. The purchase of products shall be subject to the following restrictions:
    1. the Company reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason;
    2. if the Customer resells the products he or she purchased on the Platform to a third party, he or she gives the Company a full and unqualified discharge of any liability arising from the traded products; and
    3. the Customer further accepts and agrees to comply with the Platform’s PRIVACY POLICY in the appendix hereto; by accepting this Agreement, the Customer confirms that they have read this
  8. Amendments. The prices posted on this website are subject to change without notice. The Company reserves the right to correct any errors in prices posted on this website and will use its best efforts to draw the Customer’s attention to pricing errors as quickly as possible through this
  9. Cancelation. The Customer will not be entitled to cancel an order made on the Company’s website except for reasons specifically provided by law. By accepting the Agreement, the Customer understands and accepts the final and definitive value of the products ordered and waives the right to ask for the termination, cancellation, or reimbursement, subject only to the following return
  10. Returns. Except in case of specific indication to the contrary on this website, any product purchased on this website may be returned for a refund by the Customer, within TEN (10) DAYS from the reception date of the products. Products being returned must not have been used and must be returned clean and in good condition in their original

The Company will provide a reception notice to the Customer. The returned product will be inspected and if the Company declares itself satisfied with the returned product, it will refund the Customer’s credit card.

The Customer will be responsible for shipping charges for returning products under this provision.

  1. Exchange. Only products not meeting a normal quality standard to which a Customer is entitled to expect may be exchanged, subject to compliance with the Agreement. To request an exchange, the Customer must retain the product in the condition in which it was delivered, communicate immediately with the Company so that it can determine the eligibility of the product for exchange and arrange with the Company for the delivery of an equivalent product, if applicable. The exchanged product must be handed over to the delivery person upon delivery of the new product for quality

The Company reserves the right to refuse to exchange any product if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the Customer is responsible for the facts underlying the exchange request.

  1. Warranties. Subject to warranties compelled by law, the Company makes no representations of any kind whatsoever and grants no warranties, whether express or implied, of merchantability, quality or fitness for a particular
  2. Safety. Some products offered by the Company on this website have inherent safety risks if they are not properly handled. The Customer undertakes to exercise care when practicing leisure activities and when handling firearms, ammunition, crossbows, bows and arrows and to keep such articles in a case or safety cabinet at all times when not in use. In addition, the Customer agrees to comply with all laws applicable to the use of products sold by the Company and to the context of this use.

Article 2. Delivery

  1. Terms and Conditions. Orders shall be delivered in Canada only by Canada Post (hereinafter the “Deliverer”). Products are generally expedited within five (5) business days of the order and the shipping time is normally three (3) to seven (7) business days.
  2. Place of Delivery. The Deliverer shall deliver the products to the place specified by the Customer in the Order Summary (hereinafter the “Initial Delivery“). The Customer undertakes to be present at the place of delivery for the entire duration of the chosen period for the Initial Delivery so as to take possession of the order.
  3. Customer’s Absence. The Customer understands and agrees that in his or her absence and if the condition of the premises so permits according to the reasonable judgment of the Deliverer, the Deliverer may leave the order at the place of delivery (e.g. in front of the door of the residence). The Deliverer may also leave the order in a postal box provided for this purpose or at a post office located near the shipping address. In these cases, the Deliverer may notify the Customer that such action has been taken. The Customer gives the Company full and unqualified discharged from all liability in connection with such delivery of the order, particularly in the event of theft, vandalism, or bad
  4. Impossible Delivery. If the Deliverer is unable, for whatever reason, to leave the order at the place of delivery in the absence of the Customer during the Initial Delivery, the Deliverer will retain the order and return it to the Company. The Deliverer shall not be allowed to leave the order at the place of delivery when it is located, in particular, in a multi-unit complex, in a group of residences held in divided co-ownership (condominiums) with a common entrance, or in any other location with similar characteristics. The Customer must then contact the Company to arrange for a second delivery, the cost of transport and handling of which shall be paid by the Customer.
  5. Address Errors. The Company is not responsible for orders that are undeliverable or not received due to a failure to enter an accurate address for the recipient. The Customer must ensure that the address for the recipient is correct and contact the Company if the recipient has not received his or her

Article 3. Technical Specifications for Access to the Platform

The Platform’s digital content is accessible through the web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 10, and the following. For optimal purchasing experience, however, the Company recommends the use of browsers that comply with the latest web standards. As these are subject to various technological developments, the Company cannot guarantee that these web browsers will be compatible at all times with the Platform. In the event of incompatibility, the Company shall not, however, be liable for service interruptions resulting from such technological changes.

In the event of technical difficulties, the Customer may contact the Company at the following email address:, but the Company does not offer any guarantee or obligation in any way to solve the Customer’s computer equipment problems.

Article 4. Secured Information

The exchange of personal and confidential information (password, address, etc.) between the Platform and the Customer’s browser is protected by a data encryption technology (SSL – Secure Sockets Layer or equivalent). The Company will make the best efforts to ensure that the personal and confidential data exchanged between the Customer and the Platform will not be intercepted or tampered with in a fraudulent manner.

Article 5. Protection of Copyright

Online digital content, as well as all material reproduced on the Platform (including texts, commentaries, illustrations, logos, and images), are subject to copyright within the meaning of the Copyright Act. The Company reserves the right to take any necessary recourse in case of violation of these copyrights, and any such violation by the Customer will also be considered a violation of this Agreement.

The Customer undertakes to keep confidential the information that will be transmitted to him or her in order to access the Platform (username and password) and not disclose this information in any form whatsoever to a third party.

Article 6. Limited Liability

The Company shall not in any event be liable for errors that may have occurred in the orders attributable to the characteristics and limitations of the Customer’s internet network, in particular in the event of an interruption of network connections, technical performance, and delays in response times to view the digital content of the Platform.

Due to the intrinsic characteristics of the internet, the Company does not offer any guarantee against the risks of diversion, intrusion, contamination, or piracy of your data, files, and programs. It is the Customer’s responsibility to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her own data, files, and programs, including protecting himself or herself against computer viruses.

For the time the products are under the control of the Company, namely for the period beginning with their receipt by the latter and ending when they are taken over by the Deliverer for their Initial Delivery, any breakdown or breakage outside the control of the Company or for which it has taken reasonable means to protect itself and affecting said products shall be deemed to be the result of a force majeure for which the Company cannot be held liable.

The Company is not responsible for the services rendered by a third party to the Customer and contracted through the Platform.

Article 7. Jurisdiction

The Agreement is governed by the applicable laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada. Any dispute between the parties arising out of the Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Province of Quebec. Orders will be delivered within Quebec to the address confirmed in the Order Summary regardless of where the order is placed.